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Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

The Civilization Society lab has three levels of meeting formality:
      Informal Workshops, and
      Formal Workshops and Symposiums.

Attending a lab Social, such as a monthly Climate Club, All Media Club (expanded Bookclub), or Service Club, is a great way to meet The Civilization Society people.

Attending a lab Informal Workshop, such as a Think Tank, Logic Tutorial, or Self-Image Focus, is a more structured way of learning about The Civilization Society, its people, and its programs.

A lab's Weekly Conference includes the Universal Cogency and Self-Image Nurturism Institutes' undergraduate Formal Symposium and Workshops. Visitors and undergraduates may find that attending a Weekly Conference constitutes a real intellectual and emotional challenge. Still, everyone is engouraged to attend, learn, and graduate from both Institutes. Only member-graduates of The Institutes of Universal Cogency and Self-Image Nurturism may attend and participate in a lab's graduate formal workshop. The focus of this workshop is construction of Q.E.D. The "Utopian" Agenda. Following the Weekly Conference undergraduate formal symposium and workshops, visitors are encouraged to join all lab members for the graduate Formal Symposium.

Potluck socials are held following the first Weekly Conference of the month.

Find a lab near you in the OFFICIAL LAB DIRECTORY below. If an official lab does not exist in your area and you would like to start one, please let us know.


            FORMAL: Weekly Conference
            Independent home Family Lab (Self-Image Focus and Logic Tutorial, or Think Tank)
            INFORMAL: Mid-week Self-Image Focus and Logic Tutorial
            SOCIAL: Clubs or INFORMAL: Think Tank (See Monthly detail below.)

      1st Saturday
            SOCIAL: All Media Club (expanded Bookclub)
      1st Sunday
            SOCIAL: Potluck & Peer Review (Following Weekly Conference, lunch while Institute members present papers-in-progress.)
      2nd Saturday
            SOCIAL: Climate Club
      3rd Saturday
            INFORMAL: Think Tank
      4th Saturday
            SOCIAL: Service Club
      5th Saturday
            INFORMAL: "Bonus" Think Tank

Only labs listed below are official labs of The Civilization Society.

The Civilization Society
      Worldwide Virtual Lab (Schedule on Meetup, meetings on Zoom.)

      TBA Pending COVID-19
      Multi-Regional Department Africa
      Multi-Regional Department Australia and the Pacific
      Multi-Regional Department Brazil
      Multi-Regional Department Canada
      Multi-Regional Department China
      Multi-Regional Department Europe
      Multi-Regional Department India
      Multi-Regional Department Indonesia
      Multi-Regional Department Mexico and Latin America
      Multi-Regional Department Philippines
      Multi-Regional Department USA
            Regional Department California
                  Area Department San Francisco Bay
                        San Francisco Bay Area Lab 1, Mountain View (TBA)

If an official lab does not exist in your area and you would like to start one, please let us know.